Gosh i miss dating

" My conversation with him was so strained and awkward.I felt like he wanted to say so much more, but his girlfriend was there.This often leads to significant focus on said breasts, or in-universe social norms (or specific Cast Herds) treating larger breasts as absolutely more attractive than smaller ones, sometimes going as far as making it the most important or even sole standard of female beauty — regardless of who the fans think is really the most attractive, or whether there is an in-universe distinction between sexual attractiveness and non-sexual beauty.

God, I was so selfish to do that just to ease my own conscience. I love them in different ways for the different traits that they have. He asked me how my husband was doing, in a tone that was really, "Is he making you happy?" He knew that I have kids, so he has been keeping tabs on me somehow.If he seems 'ignore' Seo Hyun Jin, it just the matter that he's attached now and he should respect his relationship. but still this drama is one of my favorite till now !! I ended up calling her the "drunken, French mumbling hair monster" since I tend to forget names of characters rather easily.I will never ever again be able to see Kim Ji Suk the same way, either. lord, I felt embarrassed to be watching but was so glued I thought my corneas might suffer actual damage from the series.

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